Protecting Freight Forwarders from the hassle and cost of liability claims

Protecting Freight Forwarders from the hassle and cost of liability claims

Make sure you are covered where it counts

Freight Services Liability insurance protects against claims brought against you by any parties who, for whatever reason, are seeking compensation for loss, damage or expense they believe they have suffered as a result of your negligence. It combines Legal and Contractual Liability, Errors and Omissions, and Defence Against Claims.

Covering: multimodal transport operations such as Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Road Carriers, Air Carriers, Courier Services, Customs Agents / Brokers / Clearing Agents and Warehouse Keepers.

Benefits include:
• Comprehensive protection for Transport Operator’s Liability such as Cargo and related
liability, E&O and Defence cover.
• Flexible high limits and low excess to suit clients’ needs.
• Optional extensions include General Third Party Liability, Container and Equipment insurance.

Legal and Contractual Liability

Legal and Contractual Liability Insurance is designed to protect you against liability assumed
under approved contracts with your customer or other third parties.

Examples include:
• A bill of lading issued in your name (House Bill of Lading or House Air Waybill).

• Standard Trading Conditions (STC’s) – It is extremely important that you the freight
forwarder incorporate your STC’s into the contractual relationship between you and your
customer. This will protect you against claims for loss, damage or expense where liability is
not governed by the protocols of International Conventions, Bills of Lading, Air Waybills,
National, Civil, Commercial or Common Law that is applicable by compulsion or Statute.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions (E&O) cover protects the operations of freight forwarders and covers
liabilities for negligence, errors, omissions or mistakes made by your company such as:
• Delay of freight
• Misdirection or mis-delivery
• Improperly completed documentation
• Release of goods without production of an original Bill of Lading

Mistakes can be extremely costly and often it is you, the forwarder or logistics provider, who is
expected to pay.

Defence against claims

Even if there is no mistake, the legal cost of defending a case can be very expensive. Whilst
you may not be at fault, a client can still take legal action against you.

Coverage includes the appointment of a legal defence team in the applicable country plus all
defence costs.