Confirmation of business as usual for AlphaXO

Confirmation of business as usual for AlphaXO

AlphaXO Risk Partners has taken steps to ensure that our clients and partners are able to rely on our support through the current turbulent times.

The team currently works out of 4 separate offices and is covering for each other with shared access to cloud-based systems.  All staff have been rotating through working from home and are slowly getting better at it!

We have video call facilities as a substitute for face-to-face meetings, principally via Microsoft Teams. Additionally, many of us are on FaceTime or WhatsApp.  We will be very pleased to hear from you and, if possible, to have 5 minutes warning, will try to clear the decks and perhaps make a cup of coffee for a video chat.

We will try hard to evolve AlphaXO’s offering and service as events unfold.  Insurers also are feeling their way at this time and we would encourage clients with any cover requests, amendments or renewals to address these as early as possible to retain maximum options and flexibility.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can do anything to help.

And most importantly, stay safe.

The AlphaXO team